About us

About us

More than a decade of experience in the Expedited Automotive Transportation Business. We at CELTIC FREIGHT LTD have witnessed and been a part of the changes in technological and industrial advancement of the logistics industry. We have been proudly and deligently serving the expedite trucking industry with commitment and reliability which has increased each day with new learning experiences in order to give peace of mind to our valued customers and partners.

Transportation business is no longer the same as it used to be a few years back. Thanks to the rapid change and advancement of technologies and its convenience which has not only made it faster but also convenient to manage, monitor and track the shipments at every step, starting from the pickup to the destination.

But information is not the only thing that people want or consumers need. No matter how informed a person is they still need commercial goods to reach its destination in a safe, reliable and timely manner. This means that having a reliable expedite company to help you get your goods from point A to point B is more important than ever.

Celtic Freight Ltd. has years of experience helping clients throughout North America get their freight to where they need it to be. Our team of logistic experts, drivers and operations specialists is dedicated to providing personalized service on every shipment, regardless of the size.

With a solid commitment to offering advanced transportation solutions for large or small organizations within any industry, our team of freight management experts offers:
  • Certified And Experienced Drivers
  • Accurate Load Status Tracking
  • Adherence To The Highest Industry Safety Standards
  • Prompt Transport That Meets Your Deadlines
  • Exceptional Customer Service

Celtic Freight Ltd. - Your Expedited Transportation Solution

Our years of service have given us the experience necessary to handle almost any transportation requirement that our customers bring to us. Whether it is within the province or further afield, we are committed to getting your goods and supplies to where they need to be and when they need to be there.

Long Distance Transport

Our transport territory has gradually expanded throughout the years allowing us to provide our clients with some of the most cost effective and efficient freight options available in the region. With services that extend throughout the USA, Celtic Freight Ltd. is equipped to transport a wide range of shipments for a variety of suppliers, distributors and manufacturers of all types. Businesses can now benefit from advanced satellite technology that enhances communication and dispatch, as well as driver efficiency. Your goods are properly monitored and secure in the hands of the experienced transport specialists at Celtic Freight Ltd.

On the Road Again

We understand that our clients depend on us to make sure that their business stays strong. We are proud of our long standing business relationships with a client base that continues to grow and take our job of ensuring the security of your freight, very seriously. In a competitive industry such as ours, reliability and service excellence is what matters most.

So for any of your expedited transportation needs give us a call. We will be more than glad to help you get your goods where and when they need to be.